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Defects can be found in sewer pipes regardless of the age of the system or the materials used. Even sewer pipes in new construction can be installed improperly or be damaged during backfill operations and after backfill when heavy equipment moves over the top of the soil. The likelihood of defects being found increases with age, particularly after 15 years. 


The average cost in this area for a repair or replacement of a sewer line is $5,000 to $10,000. If the sewer lines are deep and/or extend under sidewalks, driveways or the street, the cost will increase. Some sewer pipe replacement costs can reach or exceed $20,000.

The only way to evaluate the condition of the sewer pipe is to have a sewer scope performed to visually inspect the interior of the sewer pipe. 

Click here to see video with a blockage 41 feet outside of the home.

The fee for a stand-alone sewer scope is $295.00 or with a home inspection is $270.00.

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